Vintage Bold "Revelation Records" Pocket Print T-Shirt

Bold were a straight edge hardcore band from Katonah, NY. Having originally formed as Crippled Youth in the mid 80s, the band matured from young Anthrax regulars to well-dressed straight edge teens, thanks in part to their friendship with seminal band Youth Of Today. Bold released the Speak Out LP and a self-titled 7" both through Revelation Records in 1988 and 1989, respectively. This was an extremely active and important era for the straight edge hardcore scene, with a large group of bands across the country emulating the style and message of bands like YOT and Bold and their friend group, the youth crew. Their clean cut aesthetic and positive message, matched with an always moshable tune, were emulated over and over, but the way in which Bold acted and moved and the way they wrote their songs have made them a timeless and important hardcore band. This original Bold shirt, tailored and worn in with discoloration and fading throughout the shirt, features an iconic shot of Matt Warnke fingerpointing over an in-awe crowd. 

 Dimensions: 21" Wide by 25.25" Long 

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