Vintage Black Cat "State Line Fireworks" T-Shirt

Black Cat Fireworks were founded in the 1940s by Chinese company Li & Fung. Fireworks in China trace their origins back to the the Han Dynasty, which ran from 200 BC to 200 AD, and began to take their current shape in the Song Dynasty, around the 10th to 13th century AD. Black Cat creates fireworks that are modern yet timeless, making them one of the biggest and most popular brands in the States. Their logo is instantly recognizable and adored by everyone from mischievous kids to pyromaniac adults. This vintage Black Cat shirt, worn in and faded with a couple holes on the back, is from State Line Fireworks. 

Dimensions: 26.75" Wide by 25.75" Long 

Tag Size: XXL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Hef-T by TeeJays