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Vintage Björk "Debut" by John-Baptiste Mondino Poster

Björk released her aptly titled debut record, Debut, in 1993. She had made records before with her previous band, The Sugarcubes, but this was her first time making a record on her own. Most people wear hearing the Icelandic singer for the first time, and most people liked it. So much so that it was certified Platinum in several countries, including Iceland, the US, the UK, and Sweden. The album went on to be considered one of the best albums of the decades. But despite the album's experimental style and forward thinking sound, the album cover, which was shot by John-Baptiste Mondino, was subtle and simple, just a portrait of Björk staring straight back at you. And of course as Debut became a part of culture and as Björk's career continued on, the image became iconic. And what better way to remember that iconic image than by putting it on your wall to stare at every day. This original Björk poster from 1993, in great condition with minor edge and surface wear, features John-Baptiste Mondino's legendary shot featured on her debut album Debut

Dimensions: 25" Wide by 34.75" Long