Vintage Big Brother Magazine issue #21 "John Cardiel" Cover

Big Brother was a skateboard magazine. It was founded in 1992 when World Industries owner Steve Rocco had an ad turned down by Transworld Skateboarding for inappropriate content. Rather than edit the original, Rocco formed an entirely new mag where lewd and crude content was encouraged. There were articles like "How To Kill Yourself" and nudity was normal. A cast of characters from World and beyond came together at Big Brother, many of whom went on to make it big working on the hit MTV show Jackass a few years later. But beyond the outrageous and sometimes offensive editorials, Big Brother was a great magazine capturing skateboarding in the early 1990s without a filter. This original Big Brother, issue #21, is in good condition with a Daewon Song interview, an Australian tour journal by Sean Cliver, great articles, and amazing ads and photos throughout. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long 

Page Count: 77

Editors: Sean Cliver, Dave Carnie, Dimitry Elyashkevich

From: El Segundo, CA

Year: 1996

Binding: Staple