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Vintage Batman Returns "Penguin" T-Shirt

After the success of the first Batman movie in 1989, Warner Bros. green lighted a sequel almost immediately. Tim Burton was hesitant to come back on board as the film's director but was eventually brought on board and began working on Batman Returns. The movie, a blockbuster action movie, was equally dark and scary as the first movie, with Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman and new villains The Penguin played by Danny DeVito and Catwoman by Michelle Pfeiffer. This original Batman Returns shirt, in excellent condition, features a portrait of The Penguin looking dastardly as ever. Fits like a true XL. 

Dimensions: 23.50" Wide by 32.25" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Be There