Vintage Bad Religion "Suffer" T-Shirt

Bad Religion released Suffer, their third LP, in 1988. It was actually the band's first record coming back from a brief hiatus, as they had split in 1985 and reunited shortly after. With the nearly-all original lineup of Greg Gaffin, Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley, and Pete Finstone, Bad Religion went into the Westbeach Recorders where they self-produced 15 songs. The album was immediately well received and went on to be regarded as a classic, regularly cited as one of the most important punk records of all time. It not only reestablished the Southern California sound, it firmly cemented Epitaph as one of the premier punk labels. They have remained active ever since, releasing over a dozen more albums with various lineup changes, but Suffer still stands as some of the band's best work. This original Bad Religions hist, in excellent condition, is from the band's tour in support of Suffer

Dimensions: 22.50" Wide by 25" Long 

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