Vintage Bad Luck Thirteen Riot Extravaganza "Bats On The Dance Floor" Temperance Records T-Shirt

Bad Luck Thirteen Riot Extravaganza is a hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA from the mid 1990s. They were known for their extreme and hyperbolic violence, taking cues from DIY professional wrestling. The band's live shows would often incorporate weapons like baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire and end with the band members being bloodied. Their debut album was a CD appropriately entitled Bats On The Dance Floor and was released by Creep Records in 1998. This original Bad Luck Thirteen Riot Extravaganza shirt is in great condition with marks and collar fraying. 

Dimensions: 23.50" Wide by 26.75" Long 

Tag Size: N/A (Fits XL)

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: N/A