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Vintage Bad Brains Leeway "European" Tour Book

There are countless logistics that go into a tour. There's, of course, the travel every single day. There's the long list of venues, all which have their own specifics and information that need to be sorted out. Like, how big is the stage? Do you have a backstage area for the bands? Needless to say, there's a lot of work that goes into it. In 1994, things were even more complicated. You couldn't email someone and get a response back immediately. Bad Brains and Leeway went on tour together for five shows in April 1994, and to make logistical matters even more complicated they went to Europe. In order to make things easier, someone made this handy little tour book. It has all the info that the band's needed so they didn't have to bother anyone with questions. What time is Leeway on stage in Hannover? (8:45) What's the name of the venue in Munich? (Charterhalle) Who is the promoter in Berlin? (Irmgard Schmitz)These informational pamphlets were given to the band and crew members, and now it stands as a unique and rare relic from what was surely an amazing tour. This original six-page tour booklet is from Bad Brains and Leeway 1994 German tour. 


4.25" Wide by 6" Long