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Vintage Atlanta ‘96 “Summer Olympics” T-Shirt

Atlanta was selected to host the 1996 Summer Olympics in 1990. In that time leading up to the games, which also happened to fall on the centennial anniversary of the contemporary Olympic Games, Atlanta spent approximately $1.7 billion on getting the games ready, most of that money coming from private investment. The games were ultimately a success and ended up profiting, despite a pipe bomb being set off to protest abortion/gay rights that killed two and injured 111. The highlights of the games included Andre Agassi Gold Medal and Donnavan Bailey's world record 100 meter run. This vintage Atlanta 96 Summer Olympics shirt is nicely worn in with a fading on the gold ink. 

Dimensions: 21" Wide by 27.25" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: HANES