Vintage Anthrax "I Am The Law" T-Shirt

Anthrax is a thrash metal band from New York City founded in 1981 by guitarist Scott Ian (the guy with that crazy goatee that is sometimes multicolored). They are one of the "Big Four," a group of thrash metal's biggest acts, also including Metallica, Megadeath, and Slayer. Their 1987 album Among The Living, regularly regarded as their best record, cemented the band as one of the genre's preeminent acts with such songs as "I Am The Law" and "Indians." This shirt, faded in good condition, builds on the artwork associated with the "I Am The Law" single inspired by comic Judge Dredd. There is no tag on this shirt so please refer to measurements for sizing. 

Dimensions: 18.75" Wide by 29" Long 

Tag Size: N/A

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: N/A