Vintage Amiral “Embroidered Butterfly” Shirt

This vintage Amiral shirt is nice in its own right. It's a nice kind of yellow that you can perfectly picture in any old photo or home movie, the kind that isn't mass produced but its style is ubiquitous none the less. But this shirt isn't just special because of the amazing European collar or the heavy stitching, this shirt is great because of the amazing butterfly embroidery decorating both the front and the back of this tee. All the butterflies on this tee are fluttering by, but when you wear it you will sure to stop people in their tracks as they are wowed by your style. There are a few storage marks on this noted in photos. 100% Cotton. 

Dimensions: 15.25" Wide by 24" Long 

Tag Size: m

Country of Origin: Made in France

Brand: Amiral