Vintage America’s Hardcore “Open Your Eyes” T-Shirt

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America's Hardcore was a hardcore band from Los Angeles from the early 80s. There aren't really any proper recordings of the band, there are some live recordings and random songs out here or there, but the band's history and output is still somewhat obscure. There are two more modern reference points that you, our hardcore reader, might be familiar with. The Triple B Records compilation of the same name (and logo). And the AHC shirt that Ray Cappo wore in the Youth Of Today "No More" video, his with blue print. Luckily for us, AHC singer Danny Slam posted this amazing history in a YouTube comment from their 1983 show at Rollerworks with Minor Threat (the one from the Flipside VHS): 

we were a short-lived, semi-straight edge HC band from Los Angeles influenced by bands popping up in scenes all over the country at that time (Minor Threat & SOA from DC, Necros, Die Kreuzen & Negative Approach from midwest, DRI from Texas, SS Decontrol & Gang Green from Boston) not to mention the great west coast bands (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, DK, TSOL) and many many others. What an exciting time!  We were originally called Section 8, but learned that other bands shared that name. My kid brother suggested the name based on cassette tape compilations (A.HC. vol. 1, 2, 3...) that I made for my friends from my growing record collection. Years ago I put more info on a band MySpace page.Finally (for now), besides Drew (guitar, who later joined Crucifix), featured in this video are Scott (bass, who later went on to write screenplays for movies like The Machinist) and Pat (drums, who later played for a metal band named Junkyard). Other members included Bobby Schayer (Bad Religion) and Aaron Glascock (Mad Society)
This late 90s reprint of this amazing shirt has light wear and discoloration. Fits like a large but please refer to measurements for exact sizing as there is no tag. 

Dimensions: 21.75" Wide by 28" Long 

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