Vintage Alpha Industries "Cold Weather" Flyer's Jacket 45/p

Alpha Industries was founded in 1959. Today, they are still in operation creating some fo the best jackets which are won by the military for function and by civilians for style. Their most important item has always been the bomber jacket, which they began manufacturing in 1963. And while you can still buy them, their vintage, worn in items are always preferred. Why? Because these jackets aren't made to be perfectly shiny and new, they are made to be worn and worked in and that's just how you want yours to be. This original 90s Alpha Industries flyer's jacket, in excellent condition, is made for cold weather but will keep you looking cool. 

100% Aramid

Dimensions: 22.25" Wide by 26.25" Long 25.75" Sleeve Length 20" Shoulder Width

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Alpha Industries