Vintage Agnostic Front "One Voice!" European Tour Sweatshirt

Agnostic Front's One Voice was their first album of the 90s and helped usher in a new era of the band and of New York Hardcore. The band's new lineup included Matt Henderson and Will Shepler, both of whom would go on to play on Madball's Set If Off just two years later, as well as Craig "Ahead" Setari, of red bass fame and Straight Ahead and Sick Of It All. And, of course, you had Roger and Vinnie. This lineup of the band didn't last long, but all the players involved defined and redefined NYHC time and time again. This original Agnostic Front sweatshirt, nicely faded and worn with a small hole, is from their European tour in support of One Voice

Dimensions: 25.50" Wide by 24.50" Long 20" Sleeve Length

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: N/A