Vintage Original AFI Love Like Winter T Shirt Front Graphic
Vintage Original AFI Love Like Winter back graphic detail

Vintage AFI "Love Like Winter" T-Shirt

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The music video for AFI's "Love Like Winter" follow the band through a wintry wooded landscape. There's this mysterious hooded women who finds Davy (Havok, the singer) and gently touches his face, and then he starts chasing her through the forest. He catches up to her in a clearing, but she turns around acknowledging his presences as if she wasn't afraid of being caught in the first place. The winter witch turns around and removes her hood, then all of a sudden Davy is blown back and falls through ice into some sort of body of water. It's a little confusing, because I didn't think they were walking over a lake or anything before that point. But to be fair you didn't really see their feet so they could have been. Davy fights for air and punches at the ice trying to break his way out, only to be greeted by the hooded woman in the water again. This part of the video is ambiguous, she looks like she's saving him for a second but the last shot is of Davy floating down towards darkness so it's safe to assume he wasn't actually saved. This shirt, in great condition, has this song title on the back, so when you wear this shirt you will probably get bombarded with questions about the storyline for the video. I can't tell you what to believe or how to interpret it, that's for you to decide. 

Dimensions: 17.75" Wide by 23.75" Long 

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Country of Origin: Made in Mexico

Brand: Cinder Block