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Vintage Quicksand "Slip" Double-Sided Promotional Poster

Quicksand released their first album Slip in 1993 on Polydor. They debuted on the scene in 1990 with a self-titled 7" on Revelation Records, the home for band members' previous bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Burn, and built a following while gearing up for this major label release. The record was produced by Steven Haigler but also featured production from NYHC mainstay Don Fury, who produced such classic records as Victim In PainStart Today, and Ice GrillzSlip has gone on to be considered a classic, combining metallic sounds and melody with a serious groove. This double-sided Quicksand poster, in very good condition, is from the 1993 release of their debut album Slip

Dimensions: 24" Wide by 24" Long