Vintage White Zombie "Make Them Die Slowly" Poster

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White Zombie's second album Make Them Die Slowly was released in 1989 on Caroline Records. The album was produced by Bill Laswell who was not too familiar with the band's metallic sound. Regardless, White Zombie created a record that would go on to be loved by fans and which would set the course for their next releases. This original White Zombie poster from 1989, in great condition with very slight wear and tear for a poster of its age, is a promotional piece for Make Them Die Slowly

If you have time, check out this White Zombie video of them performing live on MTV's Haunted House in 93. It doesn't get any cooler than Sean wearing devil horns and matching tail playing the intro to "Black Sunshine." And if you don't have time, make some.

 Dimensions: 18" Wide by 24" Long