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Vintage Doyle Fan Club “Jerry Only” Poster

This vintage original Jerry Only poster from 1992 is from the Doyle Fan Club. The Doyle Fan Club was formed in 1988 and ran out of Vernon, NJ, paying homage and taking cues to The Misfits' Fiend Club. Jerry Only, the bassist of Lodi, NJ's The Misfits, is featured here playing his custom Devastator bass in typical grim and evil spirits. Doyle, who ran the fan club, is Jerry's brother who briefly played in The Misfits. The two of them started Kryst the Conquerer in the early 90s as well and released it on their own Cyclopian Music before reforming The Misfits in 1995, replacing Glenn Danzing with Michael Graves (and if you like Cyclopian Music we have a poster of theirs for sale as well). This poster, with surface creasing and a few minor tears, is great for any Misfits or Jerry Only fan, or even just for anyone who likes having a menacing man stare at you for no good reason. 

Dimensions: 27.50” Wide by 39.50” Long