Vintage original Autopsy flyer death metal

Vintage 1988 Autopsy “Party Till Ya Pee Red” Flyer

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This vintage Autopsy flyer is from 1988, the same year the band released their Critical Madness tape. At that time, the lineup of the band was Death's Chris Reifert on drums, Ken Sorvari on bass, and Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler on guitars. Autospy, along with Death, were extremely important in pioneering the Death Metal genre. Autopsy would go on to sign with Peaceville records, the label that would release all of the band's records. The band broke up broke up in 1995, but have remained active since their reunion in 2009. This original flyer, drawn by someone named Chandler in 1988, is a great piece of early Autopsy ephemera. The show was definitely a good one, hopefully no one peed red though. Lightly worn with pinholes. 

Dimension: 11” Wide by 8.50” Long