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Vintage Los Angeles X "NIGHTLIFE" The Big Boys All Ages Poster

Legendary Los Angeles, CA punk band X formed in 1977. They were one of the early bands on seminal LA label Dangerhouse and were quickly signed to Slash, another important local punk label. The band released some of the most important early American punk records but also found some success in more mainstream channels later in their career. But in the early days, their abrasive sound made them heroes of the underground. They came through Austin, TX for two days and were accompanied by locals Big Boys, who were legends in their own right. The Big Boys were a hardcore band who combined funk and skateboarding to create their own chaotic mix that was integral to the foundation of early US hardcore. This original X poster from their shows with Big Boys in Austin, TX is in good condition with discoloration, a tear along a center crease as well as a portion missing there, and tears in the corners. 

Dimensions: 11" Wide by 17" Long