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Vintage Robert Indiana "Vote Democratic" Poster

Robert Indiana is an artist best known for his typographical print "LOVE." It's been reproduced many times over, notably including the statue in Love Park in Philadelphia, PA which was nicknamed after the art. In 1976, Indiana, who was already well-known and respected at that time, produced art for the Democratic National Committee urging people to register and vote Democrat. He created a new piece in the same style as his other work simply stating "VOTE." It wasn't just for Indiana's efforts, but the Democrats won that year, sending Jimmy Carter to the White House. This poster then became a historic intersection of art and politics, notable for its content and its significance. This original Robert Indiana "VOTE" poster, printed on heavy paper, is in great condition with little to no surface wear or corner creasing. You will not find another in this condition or at this price. 

Dimensions: 16" Wide by 24 3/4" Long