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Vintage Merauder Hatebreed "Sea Sea's" PA Show Flyer

Merauder is a hardcore band from New York. Hatebreed is a hardcore band from Connecticut. Sea Sea's was a venue in Moosic, PA, a small-town located about ten miles north of beautiful Wilkes-Barre, PA. On one fateful Monday, July 28th to be exact, all three of these entities collided, and they also had Cipher and Punch The Clown along as well. Sadly, the chances that you, reader, were at this show is slim. But I know if you're reading this you wish you could be there so bad. Sadly, there are no time machines, and so the second best thing you can do is act like you were there buying the flyer and putting it in your collection and lying to all your friends and tell them they they were simply misremembering that you missed the show, or lived on the other side of the country during that era, or weren't even born yet. This original Merauder Hatebreed flyer at Sea Sea's is in great condition. 

Dimensions: 5.25" Wide by 8.5" Long