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Vintage Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On" Black Light Poster

Marvin Gaye released Let's Get It On, his 13th album, in 1973. Gaye had already shown his power as a singer time and time again by this point. After spending a decade with Motown creating what was called neo-soul and R&B, the album served as his first foray into funk. Gaye surpassed all expectations, creating a record that was soulful and sexual that become his top seller. The name comes from the opening track, which was written by Gaye himself and Ed Townsend. It became one of Gaye's most popular songs and one of the most popular singles ever from Motown. Now, Let's Get It On is regularly regarded as one of the best records ever made. And it's hard to argue with. This vintage Marvin Gaye poster, with discoloration on the white boarder and light cracking and surface wear on the actual poster, features a literal interpretation of the iconic 1973 album title.

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 32" Long