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Vintage Life Of Agony 25 Ta Life Sub Zero D.J. Dominick "The Grand" NYC Mini Show Flyer

The New York hardcore scene of the late 1990s was varied and multifaceted. There were big, professional bands who took a lot of influence from metal and were on big labels, then there were bands who played hardcore the old school way, and then there was everything in between. On Wednesday, December 29 at the Grand in Manhattan, a group of bands got together for the Roadrunner Records party which coincidentally showcased many different parts of the NYHC scene. You had: Life Of Agony, Enrage, 25 Ta Life, Products Of Society, and Sub Zero all playing on one bill. This original Roadrunner Records party flyer is in great condition with 25 Ta Life circled. 

Dimensions: 4" Wide by 5.5" Long