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Vintage Die Kreuzen "Liberty Lunch 2/23/85" N.O.T.A. Offenders Flyer

 Die Kreuzen were a hardcore band from Milwaukee, WI founded in 1981. They started out with their Cows And Beer 7" playing a fairly traditional style of hardcore but quickly morphed into their own thing. It was still abrasive and aggressive but it had interesting elements worked in that no one else was even considering, a certain melodic sensibility and some odd instrumentation with interesting song structures. They ended up breaking up in 1992 after releasing four albums together on the Touch And Go label. This original Die Kreuzen flyer, in great condition, is from their show on February 23, 1985 with N.O.T.A. and Offenders at Liberty Lunch in Austin, TX.

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long