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Vintage Chain Of Strength Downcast End To End "Boyle Heights, LA" Show Flyer

Chain Of Strength were a straight edge hardcore band from the Inland Empire of California founded in 1988. While they drew influence from bands in New York and DC, they created a sound and aesthetic that was their own, a southern California take on youth crew (yes, of course it was influenced by Uniform Choice as well). Their influence proved important as more bands popped up in similar styles, like Downcast who took things in a little more dissonant and political direction, and End To End who were their labelmates on Foundation Records. These bands, as well as Blindside, Media Children, and Borderline (who were also definitely influenced by Chain and featured Popeye from Farside on guitar), got together in the Boyle Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles on Friday June 15th for only $3. This original and rare Chain Of Strength show flyer is in great condition with wear throughout.

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long