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Vintage By The Grace Of God Up Front Hands Tied Saves The Day "Yardley Community Centre" PA Show Flyer

On December 20th, 1997, Louisville, KY's By The Grace Of God, New York's Up Front, New Jersey's Hands Tied, Pennsylvania's Rain On The Parade, and New Jersey's Saves The Day got together for a show at the Yardley Community Centre in Yardley, PA. While the show was decidedly hardcore, it featured many different styles representing interconnected yet individual sub-scenes, from more political to youth crew to more melodic styles of hardcore. This show also became infamous when Mark Porter, singer of Floorpunch, punched Duncan Barlow, guitarist of BTGOG, for comments he made in a fanzine interview. This event was later sung about in the Floorpunch song "The Answer" on their only album Fast Times At The Jersey Shore. This original flyer is in great condition. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long