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Vintage Big Boys "Fun, Fun, Fun" Ad

Big Boys were a hardcore punk band from Austin, TX founded in 1979. They were a part of the earliest iteration of American hardcore and were integral in helping establish the scene and sound in Austin and all over the country. The band played a style of aggressive of music that was all over the place, incorporating aspects of punk, funk, and skateboarding. During their time together, they recorded a number of 7"s and LPs before breaking up in 1984. One of those records was 1982's Fun, Fun, Fun which was released in 1982 on Moment Productions. It's a legendary record by a legendary band. This original Big Boys Fun, Fun, Fun ad is in good condition with tears and portions missing as well as discoloration, and is backed with a Rough Trade ad. 

Dimensions: 10.5" Wide by 13.75" Long