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Vintage Dicks & Big Boys 2-Sided "Record Release Party" Flyer

Big Boys and Dicks were two of the most important hardcore bands from Austin, TX. The Big Boys were founded in 1979 and brought together a strange concoction of punk, funk, and skateboarding to create a lighthearted but chaotic style of hardcore. Dicks were founded in 1980 and played a tough and political style. Most notably, the bands released a split album, Live At Raul's Club in 1980 on Rat Race. The pair also played together frequently, along with other Texas punk bands like The Offenders, MDC, and many others. This original two-sided flyer, in good condition with wear throughout as well as tape residue and some tearing on edges and pinholes, advertises two record release parties for both Dicks and Big Boys at Record Exchange. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long