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Vintage Napalm Death "Harmony Corruption" Earache Promotional Poster

Napalm Death were founded in 1981 at the dawn of extreme music. Terms that we use without much thought now, like grindcore and death metal, were barely in use, the territory not yet fully explored. But thanks in part to bands like Napalm Death, the world of aggressive music was pushed forward into faster, weirder, and darker places. In 1990, Napalm Death, which at the time consisted of Barney Greenway, Jesse Pintado, Shane Embury, and Mitch Harris, released their third album Harmony Corruption on the Earache label. This original Napalm Death poster, in great condition with a small rip at the bottom and normal wear and tear, is an original promotional piece for Harmony Corruption and features photos other great Earache releases such as Godflesh's StreetcleanerMorbid Angel's Altars Of Madness, Carcass's Symphony Of Sickness, and Entombed's Left Hand Path, a great five-for-one for any heavy music fan

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 22" Long