Vintage Star Trek "25th Anniversary" Bomber Jacket

Originally airing in 1966, Star Trek was, and still is, a hit, becoming a massive franchise with over a dozen films, nine television series (including two animated series), and a dedicated and fervent fanbase known as Trekkies. And now, all these years later, the show's earliest incarnation are still many fan's favorites. That's where we first met Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, where we first were beamed up by Scotty, and where first became entranced with their beautiful ship the USS Enterprise. While the special effects may be better now, we still love the original. This original Star Trek bomber jacket, in great condition, is from the show's 25th anniversary. 

100% Nylon Shell

Dimensions: 29" Wide by 28" Long 

Tag Size: XXL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: California