Vintage Howard The Duck "Marvel Comics" Raglan Sweatshirt

Howard The Duck, the comics character, first appeard in 1973. The anthropomorphic duck starred in his own eponymous comic from Marvel and also was featured in various other comics in the Marvel Universe. In the late 70s, Howard was revamped after a potential lawsuit from Disney regarding the similarities to their famous duck, Donald. Marvel came up with a great way to separate the two: pants. And with that, Howard became the super star that he is today. Lucasfilm made a Howard The Duck movie in 1986, the first Marvel movie since Captain America in 1944 with Dick Purcell. The movie was a flop, but Howard endured, eventually being featured in the hit Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. This original Howard The Duck raglan sweatshirt, in excellent condition with little to no signs of wear, features an illustration of our friend being blasted off into space. 

50% Cotton 50% Polyester

Dimensions: 18.75" Wide by 23" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Brand: Signal