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Vintage Le Chevron Italian "Atomic" Knit Cardigan

This vintage Le Chevron knit polo from the 70s, in great condition with light pilling, is the perfect example of a perfect over shirt. There's really not much going on here. It's a simple patterned shirt. But that's exactly what you want. There's nothing flashy here, nothing distracting, it's simply a utilitarian article of clothing built to last. You can wear this to the movies, you can wear it to the grocery store, you can wear this out to the deli, and no matter where you're going, you'll have that classic look that never went out of style.

100% Turbo Orlon Acrylic

Dimensions: 20.25" Wide by 26" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: Le Chevron