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Vintage Keith Haring “Pop Shop” Yo-Yo & Pins

Keith Haring was an artist from Kutztown, PA born in 1958. His work became well known in the 1980s after his subway art became ubiquitous around New York City, including the iconic "Radiant Baby." Haring, who was influenced by his friends like Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat, opened up his Pop Shop in New York's SoHo neighborhood in 1986 which intended to blur the lines between high art and low art: selling art (and merchandise) direct to consumers by a world renowned capital-A Artist. Haring was also involved in bringing awareness to AIDS, anti-apartheid, the crack epidemic, and more socio-political issues through is art and through activism. He died in 1990 due to AIDS-related complications. These original Keith Haring pins are from 1986 and the yo-yo is from 1992 are the perfect accessories to subtly show off your style while having some old timey fun.