Vintage Ten Yard Fight "Happy Holidays" December 26, 1998 T-Shirt

Ten Yard Fight was a straight edge hardcore band from Boston, MA formed in 1995. As the name implied, the band was thematically organized around football. They had songs and shirts and art all based around the sport, and the singer Wrench even dressed up like a football player with a custom Ten Yard Fight jersey when they played. This was playing into the jock-ish aesthetic of the style of youth crew hardcore they played, and while it was a little tongue in cheek, TYF and other bands from the late 90s helped bring this style back into the forefront of hardcore. During their time together, they released a demo, two 7"s, a split with Fastbreak, and an LP on Equal Vision. So much so that when they broke up on October 17, 1999, the show was dubbed National Edge Day, which has been on that day celebrated ever since. This original Ten Yard Fight shirt from their show on December 26, 1998 is lightly worn. 

Dimensions: 23" Wide by 27.25" Long 7.75" Sleeve Length

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