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Vintage Madhouse "8" Paisley Park Records Poster

Madhouse was an instrumental jazz-funk group from Minneapolis, MN mysteriously founded by Prince. The band released two albums during their time together, both in 1987 and both on Prince's label Paisley Park. On the album, which features Eric Leeds on saxophone, Prince's involvement is not stated, but his status was an open secret. Their debut was called 8 and it featured eight songs, each one simply named after the number it appeared in the album sequence (their second album 16 followed this same trend).  While Prince recorded more material as Madhouse, the two numbered albums were the only ones to have surfaced. This original Madhouse poster, in great condition with minimal wear, features the album art from their debut album art 8 released in 1987 by Paisley Park Records. 

Dimensions: 23" Wide by 35" Long