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Vintage Type O Negative "Bloody Kisses" Roadrunner Records Promotional Poster

Type O Negative was a metal band from Brooklyn, NY founded in 1989 by Carnivore's bassist and vocalist Peter Steele, guitarist Kenny Hickey, drummer Sal Abruscato, and fellow Carnivore member keyboardist Josh Silver. Type O played a morose yet catchy style of metal that clearly resonated with listeners, as they released both Gold- and Platinum-certified albums, including 1993's Bloody Kisses. Bloody Kisses was the band's third album and saw them perfecting their craft while reaching new fans and pleasing the old ones. You had hit songs like "Christian Woman" and "Black No. 1" that were lyrically always walking the line between serious and satire and were backed with heavy and hard music. The band ended in 2010 after the tragic death of Peter Steele. This Type O Negative poster, with imperfections throughout noted in the photos, is from their 1993 album Bloody Kisses

Dimensions: 24" Wide by 36" Long