Vintage Metallica "Birth School Metallica Death" Long Sleeve Shirt

Despite our best efforts, life can feel cynical and boring. Even though our experiences are unique, everything can fit into some broad category. Love, loss, boredom, jubilation... it's something we all go through whether we want to or not. The areas in which we have choices color our lives, enriching it greatly. These spans many areas: what kind of clothes we wear, what we do for fun, and, of course, what kind of music we listen to. There's not really a wrong choice there, but we can tell you there's a right choice when it comes to music. Metallica. Once you hear Master Of Puppets there's not much else you wanna do. And every fan feels the same. This vintage Metallica long sleeve, nicely worn in great condition, tells the simple story of any fan's life: birth, school, Metallica, death. 

Dimensions: 22.75" Wide by 27.50" Long 

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