Vintage Blunt "Stoner" Twill Snapback Hat

Cannabis Sativa is a flowering plant. First classified in 1753, it has gone on to have many uses, from cooking to painting to, of course, smoking. Cannabis contains psychoactive component, THC, that has long been used as spiritual and medical tools. The dried flowers are called marijuana. Marijuana, or weed or pot, was outlawed in the US in the mid 20th century. Advocates have been attempting to reverse the legislation and stigma ever since with some major successes in more recent years. But people have been smoking it in many different ways regardless, with the blunt, a cigar with its tobacco replaced by marijuana, being one of the more popular ways. This vintage blunt hat is deadstock with sun fading on the crown. 

Tag Size: One Size Fits All

Country of Origin: Made In Bangladesh

Brand: SL