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Vintage ARTIST "All Black" Adjustable Hat

In 1550, Girgio Vasari wrote The Lives Of The Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. It was considered by many to be the first work of art history. The book focused on contemporary Italian artists, discussing the biographies of an impressive amount of people. Vasari's writing helped establish the economy of art that continues to this day. However, now we don't have people cataloguing all the current artists in a widely-distributed and -regarded text. For a fan, everything is coming at you from all angles, making you use your discretion on whose voice to trust and whose art to follow. For an artist, you are constantly competing with everyone else. What if there was a way to separate and establish yourself as an artist for everyone to see? What if you could, say, display it on your head so everyone who passes you knows? Well, this does just that. This vintage all black ARTIST snapback hat, worn in and faded with signs of aging and wear on the headband, announces your calling for all to see. 

Attractive Headwear

Made in Bangladesh