Vintage Floorpunch "National Edge Day" T-Shirt

2008's National Edge Day (N.E.D) show featured Have Heart, The Mongoloids, Waste Management, Rampage, Step Forward, an Invasion "reunion" where Jesse Standhard sang Floorpunch "Changes" with a backing band, and the first ever sets from both No Tolerance and Free Spirit all at Anchor's Up in Haverhill, MA. This was the dawn of the New Scene, before it was even really the New Scene proper. N.E.D is always special and important, and 2008 in particular featured several N.E.D-exclusive items celebrating the holiday, some that were lost to time, like Spirit of Youth Fanzine Issue #1, and some that are still sought after over a decade later, like the Step Forward "Loud And Clear USA" shirt and this "I Floorpunch-guy FP" shirt. This shirt was given out for free by Jason Barrow —who at the show was wearing a custom Notre Dame football jersey, number 88 last name "Floorpunch," over a red Stop & Think eagle shirt — to people who came to the show X'd up. If you missed the show, or maybe you forgot to X up, now you can finally get that shirt. 

Dimensions: 19.25" Wide by 25.75" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in Haiti

Brand: Gildan