Vintage Thrasher Magazine "Vladimir Morozov" February Issue

Thrasher is a skateboard magazine founded in 1981. The publication was created by Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson who also ran Independent Trucks. The mag became an important voice for skateboarding but really came into its current form when Jake Phelps took over as Editor In Chief in 1993. Phelps helped push the skate or die ideology that they became known for, an unforgiving and unapologetic approach to skateboarding. Thrasher is still published to this day, one of the only skate magazines left. This original 1989 issue of Thrasher, in good condition, features Vladimir Morozov on the cover. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long

Page count: 127

Editor: Kevin J. Thatcher & Mofo

From: San Francisco, CA

Year: 1989