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Vintage S.M.H. Sensational Model & Hobby Magazine "Issues 1-11" '95-'98

Sensational Model & Hobby was a magazine from Japan. It ran from 1995 to 2000 and produced 18 issues during that time and was actually the sister publication of another magazine, the long-running Hobby JapanSMH focused on a wide range of topics throughout its issues, focusing on "hobbies" in a bread sense. There were artists, punk bands, sculptors, comix and reviews, toys, and much more, and everything was featured with interesting and exciting layouts. After it ceased publication, there was another magazine called DDD that ran for another two years, but sadly the wold has been lacking their voice and eye ever since. This vintage lot of issues 1-11 of SMH is in great condition with all the magazines being nicely taken care of. 

Dimensions: 8" Wide by 11.5" Long