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Vintage HR & Void "WASHINGTON HARD.C.ORE" Flyer

The Washington, DC hardcore scene was in a liminal state in 1984. A large chunk of the original crop of bands, like Minor Threat, The Faith, and S.O.A., had broken up. Some were still going on, like Bad Brains and Government Issue, but the overall mood was changing, going from the initial aggression to a more introspective space. That's not to say it lost its edge, though. On November 17, 1984, four bands played the Wilson Center. There was Corrosion Of Conformity, a crossover band from Raleigh, NC; Iron Cross, an Oi!-influenced hardcore band from DC; Void, a chaotic hardcore band from Columbia, MD; and HR, the reggae solo project from the singer of the Bad Brains. While looking back from the present, we can recognize it as a legendary crossing of paths in an important time period, at the time it was just a cool local show. This original flyer designed by jimigraphix, in excellent condition with light surface wear and a tiny tear near the bottom, is from the November 17, 1984 show at Wilson Center in Washington, DC with HR, Void, Iron Cross, and Corrosion Of Conformity. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long