Vintage Half Fanzine "Straight Edge Hardcore" Issue #2

Half was fanzine from New York in the mid 1990s focused on hardcore, and more specifically straight edge hardcore. This issue, #2, features interviews with Sammy Siegler (of Youth Of Today, Judge, Project X, etc.), Chokehold, Strife, Civ, and more, as well as writings on straight edge, animal rights, and other philosophical hardcore issues. And, as you'd except from a zine from this era too, it's filled with amazing ads and photos as well, including notable northeast PA hardcore ephemera. This original copy of Half is in great condition. 

Dimensions: 5.5" Wide by 8.5" Long 

Page Count: 28

Editor: Seung Wha & J

From: Lockport & NT NY, NY

Year: 1995

Binding: Staple