Vintage FILK: The Final Frontier "Vol. 2" Star Trek TOS Songbook Zine

Originally airing in 1966, Star Trek was, and still is, a hit, becoming a massive franchise with over a dozen films, nine television series (including two animated series), and a dedicated and fervent fanbase known as Trekkies. In the original television show, Spock, the elf-eared character from the first Star Trek series originally played by Leonard Nimoy, was the science officer and first officer of the starship Enterprise. James Kirk, played by William Shatner, was the Chief Of Starfleet Operations on their ship, the USS Enterprise. Some people liked the show and its characters so much that they took the story into their own hands. This songbook is an example of that, offering filk parodies of classic songs, turning them into odes to Star Trek. This vintage Star Trek parody songbook is in good condition. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long 

Page Count: 56

Editor: Claire Maier

From: Silver Spring, MD

Year: 1986

Binding: Staple