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Vintage Confusion "Brooklyn's Most Brutal" Neglect All Out War Flyer

Confusion was a hardcore band from Brooklyn, NY. They formed in 1990 and had a small output across their short career, releasing two demos and a four-song 7", Taste Of Hate on the French label Hardway Records in 1992. They played hardcore but it was influenced by a lot of the more extreme metal bands who were around at the time, being one of the first to bring in a death metal influence to the hardcore scene. They played New York a lot, it was their hometown after all. One such show was at the Wetlands on April 10 with Stompbox from Massachusetts and Neglect and All Out War, both new bands at the time from New York. This original flyer, in excellent condition with light yellowing, is from Confusion's show at the Wetlands with Stompbox, Neglect, and All Out War. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long