Vintage Ride To Live “Live To Ride” Raglan Shirt

Clichés lose their power due to overuse. They have no impact because people have used that phrase over and over and over again, rendering it almost meaningless. But what happens when you put two clichés next to each other? You get something new and exciting, multiplying the truth by a factor of two. Live to ride and ride to live? That's a sentiment we can get behind, so much so that we'll sell you a t-shirt with that plastered on the front with a skull with wings. This vintage biker tee from the 80s, in excellent condition, presents us with the ultimate motorcycle motto: Live To Ride, Ride To Live. 

50% Cotton 50% Polyester

Dimensions: 16" Wide by 26" Long 

Tag Size: S

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: The Knits