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Vintage Ten Yard Fight One King Down Hands Tied "Equal Vision Records" Over The Edge Hardcore Zine Poster

Equal Vision Records was one of the most prominent record labels in the hardcore scene in the late 1990s. Founded by Youth Of Today's Ray Cappo and NY Wolfpack's Steve Reddy, the label transitioned from Krishna-conscious to straight up hardcore pretty quickly and picked up some of the biggest bands in the process. Their lineup in the late 90s consisted of bands such as Ten Yard Fight, One King Down, Hands Tied, Bane, Converge, Saves The Day, and more. While EVR eventually found their way to a more melodic scene, their foundation was laid in this late 90s era. Three of the most popular bands went to Europe for an Equal Vision tour in the late 90s, bringing different interpretations of the straight edge hardcore sound over seas. Ten Yard Fight and Hands Tied had a more youth crew approach while One King Down was more metallic. This original EVR tour poster is in great condition with surface creasing and some edge wear. 

Dimensions: 34.50" Wide by 24.75" Long