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Vintage E. Town Concrete "The Second Coming" Triple Crown Records Promotional Poster

E. Town Concrete are a hardcore band from Elizabeth, NJ founded in 1995. They released their sophomore LP The Second Coming in 2000 on Triple Crown Records, their first and only release with the label. Prior to that E. Town had been working with Rick Ta Life's Back Ta Basics label. Their songs were tough and brutal, bringing in aspects of beatdown and rap together to create something unique. They released a few more records during their time together but split up in 2006. However, they got back together in 2008 and have released new music and toured. Since then, they have continued to play sporadically. This original E. Town Concrete promotional poster, in great condition with vertical crease folds, is from the band's second album The Second Coming

Dimensions: 17" Wide by 11" Long